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16 mistakes you shouldn’t make on social media

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16 mistakes you shouldn’t make on social media

Social media can give your brand or business great visibility, but that’s not always a good thing. If you know how to use them correctly, your visibility will become a good reputation and will bring you closer to your potential customers; If you do not know how to use them, it can cause a bad reputation that negatively affects your company.

16 mistakes you should avoid making on social networks if you want to have a good reputation and reach your potential customersCLICK TO TWEET
And the fact is that users are less and less willing to consent to certain things on social networks, such as direct sales to cold audiences, SPAM or the lack of response from companies.You may also be interested in:What are social networks and what are they for?Create your editorial calendar for Social Networks [+ Template]
Can you sell more thanks to Social Networks?
Therefore, today I am going to talk to you about some of the most common mistakes made by companies on social networks, to prevent you from making them.
Post index [ show ]Errors in Social Networks 1Be on all social networks
It is not necessary to have a presence on all social networks, since a social network abandoned due to lack of time or resources can give a very bad brand image (or make a potential client go to the competition because they believe that that company no longer exists).
It is better that you focus on social networks in which your target audience is present and active , to direct your resources and / or your time in creating a community around it.
Errors in Social Networks 2Not having optimized profiles
Profile images that look pixelated, biographies with almost no information, Facebook pages of stores without hours, etc.
Optimizing your profile and filling in all the Bulgaria Phone Number List that may be interesting to your potential customers is essential for them to find you and to avoid that, after visiting your profile, they leave without following you because they are not clear about what you can contribute.

In addition, I advise you if you are going to open a new profile , that before you start following people or advertising for new users to reach your profile, make sure that your profile is complete and optimized and publish some content so that they new users can know what they will be able to see if they decide to follow you.
Errors in Social Networks 3Use a personal profile instead of a professional one
It is a very common mistake, especially on Instagram and Facebook. Social networks have company profiles in which they give you very interesting information about your audience and your best content, why not take advantage of them?
A company page or a professional profile will help you further enhance your brand image, with statistics, with the possibility of advertising or with the option of scheduling your publications .
Errors in Social Networks 4Not having a strategy in Social Networks
Publishing for publishing is not going to get you anywhere . And not planning what to share will create the stress of being at the last minute choosing what to share among the different options you have.Thanks to a good social media plan , you will be able to program your content and have time to carry out actions that bring you closer to your potential client and lead you to achieve your goals.
Errors in Social Networks 5Prioritize quantity over quality
In social networks, this mistake is often made a lot, prioritizing the number of followers, likes or publications instead of looking at their quality .And it is very easy to look at those numbers and be blind. But the truth is that there is data that is much more important, since having 10,000 followers is not the same as having 1,000 potential customers among your followers. Nor is it the same to share publications every day, even if content is sometimes repeated or it has not been prepared well in advance, as it is to share quality content with a slower, but more comfortable publication pace.

Errors in Social Networks 6Post when you do best
If you have a personal profile, post whenever you want. But if you have a company profile, you have to publish at your best time , when your audience is connected, since the interactions that are made in the first minutes after publication will determine if that publication will have more or less reach.
And I’m telling you that based on my own testing, a good post, posted at a bad time, can cause engagement to drop by more than 50%.Errors in Social Networks 7Being self-centered
If you are only sharing content about your company or yourself, in the end the audience will get tired. You have to think about what your audience wants or needs, not what you want to share . And obviously, all this, with strategy.
One way that works quite well is to share informative content about your sector, giving information of interest to your audience, you position yourself as an expert and you can educate your potential customers to avoid certain products or services of poor quality.
Errors in Social Networks 8Do not interact with other users
If you don’t interact with your audience and with other users, fewer and fewer people will take time to interact with your posts (unless you’re Zara, of course).
Social networks are social and serve to create conversations and connections with other users, so by replying to comments and messages and interacting with other publications, you will get more comments than if you just pass them by .

Errors in Social Networks 9Use many hashtags
Which Instagram lets put 30 hashtags? Well, as if there were no tomorrow, the first 30 hashtags that come to mind in all the publications …
The hashtags are a great visibility tool if you know how to use them . If you simply put the hashtags that a tool says are the most used, then you will be one more account among the sea of ​​accounts that use it. But if you do a good study and focus on the hashtags that your potential customers are looking for or that are specific to your sector, you will reach accounts that are interested in your products or services .
Errors in Social Networks 10Use many emoticons
Emoticons are a good tool to better convey some feelings, empathize with your followers and structure the different paragraphs of your content, but filling your posts with emoticons will make the text downplayed and unprofessional .
Errors in Social Networks 11Label indiscriminately
Many people think that tagging many people in their new content will make it reach a greater reach, but the truth is that realizing that you have been tagged in content that has nothing to do with you gives a very bad image.
Tag only when it makes sense and to people who are related , the rest of the users will see your publication if they are interested in what you publish.
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Errors in Social Networks 12Do SPAM
How many times has it happened to you that you have added a person who asked you for a friend request and, immediately afterwards, he has sent you a message to sell you something … To me, many times …
Have you even looked at whether that person might be interested in your product or service? Because I have been offered everything from going to physical stores that are on the other side of the pond, as if I were taking walks of thousands of kilometers, to social media management services (hello? You haven’t even looked at what I do?) .

This indiscriminate way of selling not only doesn’t work, it creates a very bad image on social media.Social networks are to create a community, not to indiscriminately bombard anyone who accepts your friend request with your products or services.
Errors in Social Networks 13Buy followers
More and more social networks persecute this bad practice and it can cost you to close that account that you have been working for so long , are you going to risk it?If you want to grow quickly, you can bet on advertising campaigns on social networks. You don’t need to invest a lot of money, with about € 2-3 a day you can create campaigns that bring you potential customers and users who are interested in your content.
Because why do you want a lot of followers if they are not going to buy anything from you or interact with your content?Errors in Social Networks 14Do not monitor
If you do not analyze your content and how it has worked on your social networks, how do you know if you are publishing interesting content for your audience and that it is helping you achieve your goals?It is necessary to define well which are the most interesting metrics or KPIs for the objective that your company has in social networks, and analyze them, at least every month, to know if the strategy that is being carried out is working or if something needs to be done adjustment.Errors in Social Networks 15Leave social media on vacation
Holidays are coming and nobody wants to continue spending time in front of the computer. We want to disconnect, and it is normal. But you don’t have to be active all day, you can schedule your content in advance , so you just have to make sure that your content has been shared when you scheduled it and that you interact with your followers.

Social networks want us to be active and, if you leave a long time to publish, the algorithm will see your account as inactive and it will reach you when you return will be less than expected.
Errors in Social Networks 16Let anyone manage your social networks
Anyone can open an account on social networks and publish, it is not difficult (if it were, there would not be so many users), but it is not the same to do it personally than to manage a social profile of a company .This is not only about knowing how to publish, it is about having knowledge about how the social network works, about what it allows or not to do, about what tools can be used, about marketing, about what actions can be carried out to achieve the objectives that it company pursues, etc.
Look for a professional , who shows you that he knows how to manage social networks properly and who is in constant training, since the world of social networks is constantly changing and you have to always be up to date.Infographic Errors in Social Networks
Being on social networks is very easy, but if you want to have a good presence and work it so that your company grows (in followers, in visibility and in good reputation) you have to invest time and / or money in knowing them well and drawing a good strategy.

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