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15 Digital Tools to Increase Productivity

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15 Digital Tools to Increase Productivity

Do you want to better organize your work or the work of your team? Want to automate what can be done to save time? Do you want to make a leap forward in terms of efficiency? So, you have to use productivity tools ! These 15 Digital Tools to are legion. There are so many that it can be difficult to choose. We will help you see more clearly and present you some of them. Discover the top 15 tools to use to gain productivity. Summary The best tools for project management The best tools to save time The best tools for sharing knowledge The best tools for sharing and storing files The best tools for content curation The best tools for project management Trello trello Trello is one of the most effective online project management tools for increasing productivity.

It is inspired by the India WhatsApp Number List method, a board where cards are placed in order to define the progress of the project and the team or person who takes charge of the tasks to be performed. Trello has the advantage of being intuitive and fun. You can also define deadlines to be respected for each production step. This allows you to anticipate and meet order deadlines. Prices Trello exists in a completely free version, to manage up to 10 boards per team, and 10MB per attached file. A “Business” version is offered for $ 9.99 per month and an “Enterprise” version for a monthly price of $ 17.50. These last two have additional functionalities allowing for example to manage an unlimited number of tables, and to attach large files.

We Will Help You See More Clearly and Present You Some of Them

With the paid versions, you can link Trello to other applications, and customize the access rights of different users. TRELLO Asana asana Asana is designed to allow collaborative teams to manage the progress of their projects in real time, while communicating all the necessary information. This tool was designed by one of the co-founders of Facebook, and therefore has an attractive, pleasant and easy-to-use look. To always increase productivity, Asana offers you to plan tasks and define the deadlines to meet for each of them. Prices Asana is available for free for basic features allowing teamwork of 15 users, unlimited tasks and projects, and app access on IOS and Android. Premium and Business versions offer more options for monthly payments of $ 10.99 and $ 24.99.


To go further in the use of Asana, the Enterprise version offers tailor-made features, and a monthly price adapted to your needs. ASANA Zoho project This program is ideal for project managers who need to manage precise timelines and budgets. With Zoho project, you can instantly check that your projects are progressing at the desired pace. You will have the option of breaking down the most important projects into milestones or tasks, to ensure that tasks that require them can be repeated at regular intervals. Different diagrams allow you to visualize the progress of projects, or the distribution of tasks and resources. Employees can also chat online and share documents to streamline the transmission of information within teams.

This Tool Was Designed by One of the Co-founders of Facebook

Zoho project allows you to maintain control and visibility over all of your projects at a glance. Prices Zoho project offers four price categories ranging from $ 3 per user for a standard version, up to $ 6 per user for an Enterprise version. The choice of version depends mainly on the number of people on your team, the number of projects you need to manage, and the volume of files you need to share. The most advanced versions of Zoho project make it possible to manage budgets by project, export statistics, manage resources, and even train sessions to fully use the application. ZOHO PROJECT To go further, discover our comparator of programs dedicated to project management

The best tools to save time Time doctor Time doctor This program brings real productivity gains to your business. It allows you to analyze at any time the time your teams devote to each of their tasks, and the time spent on breaks. The software remembers the websites visited and takes screenshots of each computer at regular intervals, to estimate the actual working time. This way, you can ensure that your people stay focused on their goal, and that they don’t dwell on tasks that should be completed in no time. This allows you to set concrete goals for your employees, while facilitating payroll management, by automatically calculating working time, including overtime to pay.

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