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10 Marketing Trends in Social Media for 2012

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10 Marketing Trends in Social Media for 2012

Social media have been consolidated in a year 2011 where brands have definitively launched into online interaction with users and consumers. However, there is still a long way to go and there is no doubt that during 2012 we will witness how trends and habits that we now see emerging will establish their roots in what is conceived as the logical evolution of a new one where social media marketing and new technologies take on a leading role.The individual’s need to interact socially, together with the ease of access to a higher level of information and growing communication, results in collective knowledge… the community. Collective knowledge is increasingly linked as an element of Marketing, becoming the most efficient formula to identify opportunities, satisfy needs and… generate trends, from the consumer’s experience. Analyzing, interacting and leading conversations on social networks will be increasingly necessary for brands seeking to consolidate a mobile phone number portugal  strategy on social media in 2012.Collective purchases continue to be seen as an added value for consumers, brands should focus their Marketing campaigns on social media in the exaltation of the “win-win” brand-customer.Greater penetration of geolocated networks together with the increasingly massive use of the mobile Web, is already today a revolution for the content Marketing industry in social networks.Direct, concrete and focused; powerful messages and “high quality” recommendations.In-depth knowledge of statistics is consolidated as a service increasingly demanded by brands in 2012. The digital measurement industry grows at the rate that influence and ROI do, the most relevant data for brands.Increased video penetration and integration as a marketing element More online video campaigns will be included in the marketing strategies that seek to attract traffic by virality; To the tandem Google +, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, You Tube is added with more and more presence.

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More and more big brands are joining Social Media Marketing The social fabric begins to follow the path of maturation, Social Media today has a clear time horizon, how and when, a pattern that will mark the massive access of the big brands that until now have not made the leap to the networks. A clear example is in Starbucks. Geolocation + mobile e-commerce = increase in online purchases.The mobile Web determines a new consumer profile, new challenges for the Mobile Marketing industry, which in 2012 has the opportunity to take advantage of new consumer habits. The added value of brands rests on the quality and originality of the content. Original content is the new personalized client-brand nexus that places us in the era of personalized advertising. Content Aol Email List will continue to experience a boom in its relevance (and demand) during 2012. The development of skills such as; relevance, uniqueness, interaction, pedagogy, attraction, relevance, emerge as essential elements to differentiate from the content.The business model is consolidated and the Social Media map is formed Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, You Tube, all of them have implemented systems that allow them to consolidate their business models, it is evident that Google+ will do the same when its trial version ends, so the “panorama” begins to be clearer for brands.The credibility generated by the social network will continue to increase, influence is measured in terms of trust and this is seen from social action. It is increasingly necessary to be “credible” on social media.More demanding, more united and more informed users, great allies of Marketing in Social Networks … and great challenges for brands that must endow their strategies with the power of emotion.

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