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10 effective resources and trends for online Marketing strategies

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10 effective resources and trends for online Marketing strategies

One of the main strengths of social media lies in its promotional power. The virality with which the news is spread is, without a doubt, a great ally of brands. Not surprisingly, brands are using social networks as a means of transmitting the brand, dedicating their efforts to increasing the uptake and penetration of the brand in the market in order to increase the number of potential customers.
The possibilities of brands are endless, however, experience highlights 10 social media marketing strategies that have been effective for many brands. Facebook Pages. Although it is true that the presence in social networks is more effective the more the brand is known, it is also true that, as in the precepts that govern SEO, segmentation is very effective in online taiwan phone number strategies in networks social. Branding should not be confused with marketing since, while the first defines actions aimed at consolidating the brand within the market, the second is aimed at attracting more customers with the main objective of increasing business figures. So if you produce a specific good or service, it will be very effective to implement a structured strategy and specifically aimed at users with specific interests. Promotions and location . Facebook currently has 600 million users, a great strength specifically for Web 3.0 where smart phones are consolidated as the most efficient devices in relation to sales figures and brand penetration. Local offers and promotions aimed at the target audience after identifying the geographical location are highly effective for brands. Mobile alerts , informing of the offers in different locations through the mobile allows an effective segmentation that is carried out through the data included in the Facebook profiles age, gender and physical location. Content ‘socialized’ in a mobile environment. The promotion of your content will be more effective if you add social networks to it, promotion and dissemination through mobile phones is proving very effective for brand marketing campaigns. Include the “share” option in your content.


Twitter , during 2010 the social network based on microblogging experienced an unprecedented boom in the field of local sales. Twitter allows the monitoring of trends according to geographic location criteria, yielding information of interest by proximity. As expected, Twitter is a platform designed to promote and consolidate the marketing strategies of brands through mobile environments, the location of users who interact from mobile devices, is an essential information of value for brands. Purchasing groups . The dissemination of local offers and promotions is acquiring a great boom and relevance for brands due to their efficiency and monitoring by users who not only can benefit from them, but also play an active role in their promotion. Recommendations. These are very effective for brands. During 2010 we have witnessed the proliferation of social networks in a mobile environment through which users inform their community of promotions, offers and quality sites, acting as great allies for brands.Product analysis. S They join social networks, which survive thanks to the identification of needs and interests and which help brands to adapt their different strategies to the identified trends. Check-in Apps. Location-based mobile services have allowed Facebook users to share their physical location online, a trend that has proven very effective and new utilities are expected this year. The Aol Email List geolocation advances in the search for solutions to the loyalty aspect for mobile marketing is very effective specially for identifying needs and meet potential customers. To conclude, geolocation marketing optimization is focused on exploring the underlying opportunities, both in terms of marketing strategies – where to recommend, share and promote – are the fundamental pillars, as well as the integration of the different logistics processes for companies. brands.

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